«The extraordinary transformative power of Family Photographs lay in its sublime intentions – to make concrete and eternal that which is otherwise intangible and fleeting.»

Lisa K. Erf, Director and Chief Curator, JPMorgan Chase Art Collection, New York

«For Bjørn Sterri, photographs of family are more than snapshot portraits or casual records of everyday events. They are vital, sustained explorations of his own existence: as a father, a husband, and an artist.                       Seeing photography and life as inextricably linked, Sterri uses the medium as both a mirror and a measure of his place in time.»

April M. Watson, Curator of Photography, The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, Kansas City

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Family Photographs 2001 – 2014 shows a selection of photographs Bjørn Sterri has taken of his family and himself over a period of 13 years. The work is a longterm photo essay about time, intimacy, absence and presence.

This first edition of Bjørn Sterri Family Photographs 2001 -2014 is limited to 300 case bound copies. All copies are numbered. A special collector’s edition of 7 plus three AP, including a silver gelatin selenium -toned print, is available (see above). Availability and price upon request.

Printed and bound by Göteborgstryckeriet, Sweden. Book design by Tormod Glomnes at NewBox, Oslo, Norway.

«I see, think and live a big part of my life through photography. The photographic process helps me to make my existence and death – visible. The photograph is a proof that I, at a certain point in time, is or was alive.»

«I will continue with this until the project will come to a natural end, with my own death.»

Bjørn Sterri

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«I had selected this SX – 70 photo from Bjørn Sterri’s portfolio and held it in my hand, not knowing that it represented a treasure trove of riches – family photographs, obsessivly taken day after day, year after year (…)

Father and son – cheek by jowl and face to face. Dad and the next generation, side by side. A reminder that the world turns, leaving nothing behind, nothing unchanged.»

Barbara Hitchcock, Former Director, The Polaroid Collection

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Polaroid Work is the summation of over twenty years of obsessively, photographing himself and his family, day after day, with the Polaroid SX70 camera. Through beautifully crafted visual metaphors, it achingly reveals the private issues of family: adoption, marriage and divorce, birth and bereavement, love, loss and mortality.       

This first edition of Bjørn Sterri Polaroid Work is limited to 1000 case bound copies. Of these 100 copies are numbered with the artist signature. A special collector’s edition of 25 plus five AP, including a specially produced inkjet print, is available (see above). Availability and price upon request.

Hard cover, Bamberg Kaliko cloth with foil stamping + clear PVC jacket, 310mm x 275mm, 156 pages, 61 colour images with spot varnish. Printed on GardaPat Kiara Vol 1,3. Printed and bound by EBS, Verona – Italy. Book design by Tormod Glomnes at NewBox, Oslo, Norway.

The book can be ordered from Beyond Words, PhotoEye or directly from Pilver Press.

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PHOTOGRAPHS 1994 – 1997

Pilver Press started up in 2001 with the publication of, Photographs 1994-1997 by Bjørn Sterri. A portfolio, limited to 15 of which 5 lettered portfolios are reserved for the artist. All photographs are archivally processed gelatin silver prints. Printed and signed by Bjørn Sterri. Portfolio measures approx. 31,5cm x 41,5cm.

Availability and price upon request.

To see images from portfolio click here.

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